Head Office In HarareWelcome to National Pharmaceutical Company 

Our organization seeks to make the availability of medicine in Zimbabwe an ongoing process by procuring the best and most recommended medicine from UNICEF and UNDP We store the medicine in safe and secure warehouses and distribute to different locatons there by making accesibility of medicine easy


National Pharmaceuticals Company (NatPharm) was created through an Act of Parliament, the Government Medical Stores (Commercialization Act 2000), to take over functions of the formerly Government Medical Stores. Natpharm took over the functions of GMS on 1 October 2001. The firm was established as an autonomous not-for-profit organization, registered in terms of Section 26 of the Companies Act. The affairs of strategic direction of the company are directed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Minister of Health and Child Care. The priority area for NatPharm remains that of ensuring the availability of safe, effective and affordable medicines and medical supplies to all public health institutions. The company’s involvement in supplying the public sector is to improve access to medicines and medical supplies, as well as fulfilling its vision of contributing to the reduction in the cost of medical commodities at a national level, by supplying the same at competitive prices.




The preferred client-oriented provider of quality health care commodities and services in Zimbabwe by 2021

 To provide quality and affordable medicines, medical supplies and services


Integrity- We are honest and ethical in our dealings with all our clients and stakeholders.

Transparency and Accountability- We take full responsibility and are answerable for our decisions and actions. We disclose full information on time to stakeholders.

Quality - We are obsessed with the delivery of quality products & services

Teamwork - We value and recognize the skills and contributions of our team members.

Responsive - We timely, efficiently and effectively attend to the needs of our clients and stakeholders.  

Continuous learning - We recognise that skills requirements change in response to job, technological and other environmental changes. To this extent, we will continuously capacitate our staff.